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.   Husband
  • In his 40s, Frank works full time as an electrician to provide for his wife and two kids. He proudly served in WWII. Being stubborn in his ways, he does not handle change well. Frank sees himself as "King" of his castle


$ H Wife
  • In her early to mid 40s. Louise has filled the traditional role of homemaker and mother... but now she is ready to redefine her relationship with her husband into one in which her voice is not only heard but is equal to his..

Mr. Harbinger

$ 90 Govt Rep
  • Just under30, he works for the government and has an unpleasant job to do. He is sensitive and has a big heart, and is therefore strugglig with his new role as the authority representing the government.


$ 150 Neighbor
  • Ray is a neighbor and friend to Frank. He is light-hearted, while also being very opinionated and expressive. He is not afraid to speak his mind, yet is still level headed when making decisions. (Male, Age   range 30 to 60.)

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